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Useful FAQ for the internship and everyday life

 Aids and scholarships
 TUTOR Service / additional assistance
 International Melting Pot activities
 Learning Mandarin, Culture, Tourism, discovery of China
 Social life
 Credit card and banking

Aids and scholarship

Depending on your personal situation, you can benefit from scholarships. To get scholarships and international mobility aids, you can inquiry via the following channels:

 "International relations" service of your college or university
 Regional Councils, Regions
 Country councils
    Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Fondation:
    http://perso.wanadoo.fr/fondationpourlavocation EGIDE www.egide.asso.fr
Information on the website of Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

TUTOR Service : assistance for the duration of your stay

Not only will you have a credit assistance, included in the Premium package, but you can also benefit from bilingual assistants (French/Chinese, English/Chinese), to help you in any matter. The cost of TUTOR Service is charged on an hourly basis.

International Melting Pot

An event will be organized in a bar or a restaurant in Shanghai on the 1st and the 3rd Friday evening every month, which will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with newcomers from different countries and make new friends. You will be informed by email and the cost of activities will be collected separately. You are not obliged to attend but this is an excellent way to meet new people from different nationalities. The type and venue of the events will vary.

Internet Website

Photos and reports about the internships' activities will be published in our website, so students and trainees can transmit the link to their friends and family in their country. Those posses a talent of writing are most welcome to write an article for us and share their feelings and opinions about China.

Learning Mandarin and Chinese culture

For those who are interested in learning Mandarin or Chinese Culture, we will recommend the related schools to you, these schools have great good reputations and provide excellent services with reasonable prices.


For those who are interested travelling in China, we will recommend several travel agencies to you. These agencies have good reputation and will provide you excellent services with reasonable prices.

Social life

We will organize activities (outing, entertainment, sports, etc) by inviting our friends from all over the world. Should you choose to participate, you will be able to discover various aspects of China and have a better understanding about China and create a wider network of friends and acquaintances.


Based on your preferences, we will select and recommend your accommodation options in advance and request for your final decision. This way, we are able to guarantee to provide you a favorable living environment and avoid any unpleasant issues upon your arrival in China.

*Proximity of accommodation
We will ensure that we find you a house/apartment located in an area close to the location of your office.

*Comfort of lodging
The cost of accommodation in Shanghai is fairly expensive, we suggest selecting <Service Apartments>. The normal set up of the apartment is a studio with studying area, kitchen area, bathroom with shower and WC, air condition, Internet (ADSL) and a complete set of pieces of furniture, the average surface is around 40-50 m2. Plus, 24 hours of security (door man service) are available.

*Basic conditions of lodging
The basic things considered as <personal things> are not provided by landlord in Shanghai, such as bed sheets, blankets, pillows and kitchen utensils. We will provide you with a set of bed-linen (sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases, value 60 Euro) the cost is included in our "Premium" package.

*Cost of lodging
The normal rental fee of Service Apartments in Shanghai is around 350 Euro per month (see photos). A rental of 4 to 6 months is required to paid in advance once the lease contract is signed, which includes a deposit of one month rent, in addition a commission of 35 % of one month's rental fee will be charged by agency .

Please note that a minimum period of one year is usually required in Shanghai.

If <Service Apartment> does not meet your requirement, we find another solution for you, i.e.: residences that meets your financial criteria.

Other possibilites are available such as different locations, which could possibly be cheaper. Most of the rental paid are around 250 or 300 Europer month. It is also possible to find an accommodation for less than 250 Euro, but the sanitary conditions are often unsatisfactory.


A typical meal costs 1 or 2 Euro in Shanghai, but it varies according to your eating habit. You can pay your meal from 3 to 5 euro. Eating with your friends in a good restaurant will cost between 7 and 10 Euro a person. You have all you can eat Teppanyakis (Japanese food) for around 15 Euro. What's more, there are numerous supermarkets to do shopping, such as Carrefour, Auchan et Hymall, as well as fast-food restaurants chains (McDonald and KFC) . We will discuss with the enterprises who own staff canteen to provide you with a free lunch.

We advice to set aside a minimum of 150 Euro for monthly food.


Taxis: minimum charge is 11 Yuan for 3 kilometers and 2.4 Yuan per kilometer over 3 Kilometers. A typical taxi ride will cost around 40 RMB.
Subway: Shanghai's metro is very clean and modern. It costs you 3 Yuan for one way.
Bus: from 1 to 3 RMB per journey (slower method of transport).
Private car: it is not possible to drive in Shanghai, even when having an international driving license. You need a resident card and then to pass a test and a medical check-up.


Don't forget to plan a certain amount of money for Shanghai's nightlife !

Credit card and banking

It is not necessary to open a bank account in China if you have an international credit card valid during your stay in China, and you can withdraw cash from any banks, and the maximum of 4,800 Yuan (480 Euro) is daily allowed to be withdrawn.

Many ATMs are available 24/7.

If necessary, in order to save money on the fixed costs when withdrawing money in China with your habitual credit card, we can assist you to get a debit card from a Chinese bank. There is no bank fees to pay to get the card and the charges per each withdraw are very low:

No charges if you withdraw from one of this bank branches ATMs, 2 Yuan per withdrawal when using the ATM from another bank

This Chinese bank account can receive money transfer from your country. It would also enable you to get your internships indemnities from your company in China.
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