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Human Resources Department/ Shanghai Guolang Business Consulting, Acropolis Associates Group.

Your internship, VIE, your JOB KEYS IN THE HAND

Evaluation process

Please provide us with your resume in English (and French if possible), with a recent picture and a letter of motivation.

We will organize one or more phone interviews in order to analyze and better understand your motivations, your desired career advancements, as well as to evaluate your language(s) proficiency (fluency in Chinese is a must).

When you have passed the evaluation process successfully and we have made the decision that we will be able to find you a suitable internship or a job opportunity that fits your preferences and criteria, we will propose you our assistance and service.
Our service in details: the PREMIUM service

 Should you choose this service, we will be responsible to search for a remunerated internship for you. Our contractual deadline is 45 days maximum.
 When we have found you a company that has agreed to hire you as an intern, we request the firm for a letter of invitation which will allow you to obtain the visa F (job or internship for 6 months).
 We will then search your accommodation, depending on your work location and other preferences, we will send you pictures of the selected apartments, negotiate the rent, and maintain it until you arrive.
 We will arrange a pick-up service at the airport of Shanghai (50 Km from downtown).
 We will accompany you and assist you during your first visit to your apartment and assist you in the contract signing procedures.
 We will offer you a WELCOME to SHANGHAI-PACKAGE, with a map of Shanghai, a SIM card for YOUR cellular phone with credit (value 10 Euro), a list of useful addresses, information and various other advices.
 We will offer you an ACCOMODATION-PACKAGE, which includes bed sheets, duvet, fitted sheets and a pillow (value 60 Euro).
 We will organize a WELCOME-COCKTAIL event to introduce you to our current interns (there is always between 20 and 30 permanent interns).
 The day after your arrival, we accompany you and assist you at the immigration police office of your neighborhood for the mandatory migration declaration procedure.
 We also will assist you in finding your way from your apartment to your workplace.
 We will accompany you to the bank and assist you to open a Chinese bank account and get a local credit card. This card will allow you not to pay expensive withdrawal fees you would have had with your international credit card. Moreover, you can receive your monthly allowance from the company and get wire money from your original bank account on the Chinese bank account.
 On the first day of your internship, we will accompany you to your office and introduce you to your boss.
 We provide you with a 24/7 assistance for the entire duration of the internship. You can request for assistance on matters such as: leisure, visas, repairs, doctor, housemaid, plane tickets and so on. This assistance (included) is mandatory if you are not fluent in Chinese.
Complete service PREMIUM
for an internship search & accommodation search: 925 Euro

 Internship search + welcoming + accommodation search + assistance 24/7.
 Down payment of 375 Euro, then balance of 550 Euro when the internship agreement has been reached.
 The assistance option is limited to the first 6 months.

Service without the accommodation search : 775 Euro

 Internship search + welcoming + assistance 24/7.
 Down payment of 225 Euro, then balance of 550 Euro when the internship agreement has been reached.
 The assistance option is limited to the first 6 months.

Special VIE (for European only)

 Our fees are respectively 1650 Euro (PREMIUM package) or 1500 Euro (without the accommodation search). To apply to a VIE offer, you must be under 28 and have the nationality of one of the European Union countries.
 The down payment will be either 225 Euro or 375 Euro, depending on the service you chose (with or without the accommodation search).
 The assistance option is limited to the first 6 months.

If you request for us to find you a VIE contract, we can not provide a guarantee that we will succeed in doing so.

If you request for us to seek for an internship or a job, then you should specify and complete an internship application or a job application.

However, should we find a VIE opportunity during our search, we will notify you immediately.

If you are interested in the VIE offered, you will then be able to modify your initial order and submit a VIE application to us.The deposit for the internship/job and the VIE applications are the same. The remaining fees however are different.

The financial difference between our fees for the "internship/job" and those for "VIE" should be paid during the final balance payment.

Special JOB

 For job search, our fees are equivalent to one month of gross salary that you will perceive (annual gross salary, including bonus, divided by 12).
 The assistance option is limited to the first 6 months.
Our guarantee

If we cannot find you an internship within the contractual time period (45 days), your down payment we will be reimbursed completely.

There are no administrative fees, no application fees, or any other fees that you are required to pay. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Our tariffs are clearly stated and correspond only to our service.

Please send us your updated resume along with a recent picture as well as detailed information regarding your personal information, motivations and internship or job preferences.

Only selected candidates are offered a phone interview.We will contact you via phone. During the interview, we will explain you detailed information regarding internships or jobs in China, the usual remuneration range for internships and jobs in China, and the budget you should plan ahead for the daily expenditures (accommodation, transport, food, leisure…).

More importantly, we will also ask you a series of questions to obtain information further about you. Additionally, it will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions or concerns that you may have.
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