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Human Resources Department/ Shanghai Guolang Business Consulting, Acropolis Associates Group.

Our main activity consists in finding internships in China.

Due to our extensive experience in the fields of Education and Human Resources in China, we are able to assist foreign students (from Europe, North America, Great Britain and Australia) to obtain internships in China. Our goal is to find you a great internship in China.
Our philosophy :

• To offer you a highest quality service
 To provide you a clear and detailed internship proposition, without unpleasant surprises !
 To provide assistance in each aspect of the internship search process as well any issues that you might face so you are able to make the most informed decision.
 Provide you a guarantee to be direct and straight forward hence; you will never face any unexpected difficulties.
 We are committed in resolving any issues that may arise.
Finding an internship in China or a job is really tough, because of fierce competition.

Fierce competition makes it very challenging to find an internship in China or a job. Thousand of students of various origins and diverse educational backgrounds are currently seeking for internships in China in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc. More over, most firms, both international and local, receive an immense amount of internship or job application on a daily basis.
Our 2 activities : placing & recruiting

Our company offers you services in placing individuals and recruitment for firms.
 Our services in placement are targeted for individuals who are seeking an internship in China or a job. The fees are paid by the individual who had hired us to find him/her a job or an internship in China.
 Our services in recruiting through ads or direct approach (head-hunting) are targeted for firms that are seeking candidates for a specific job vacancy. Our fees are paid entirely by the companies.
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